A nonverbal boy was attacked and bullied by a van driver and monitor for weeks in Springfield. His mother is suing for $1 million

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The driver and monitor were indicted on criminal charges late last year.

The mother of an 11-year-old nonverbal, developmentally disabled child is suing a van driver and monitor who were indicted for assaulting her son. She’s asking for $1 million in damages, court records show.

The suit was filed on Monday by mother Jamey O’Quinn in Hampden Superior Court. It names monitor Judy Cubin, driver William Kane, Wilbraham-based van company Van Pool Transportation, and insurance provider Sedgwick Claims Management Systems.

Both Cubin and Kane were indicted in court last fall on criminal charges including assault and battery with dangerous weapons. Their van specifically transported disabled children from Springfield to school, including the Center School for Crisis Prevention where the boy attended.

Cubin and Kane bullied, harassed, and assaulted the boy for weeks, according to court documents from the civil suit. 

From March 10 to May 23, 2023, Cubin failed to stop another student from beating him up, threatened to wrap her scarf around his head, slapped and hit him, and said she would “deck him,” the suit alleges.

In the same time period, Kane told the boy “you’re going to get your head smashed in,” threatened to slap and hit him with the door of the van, and threatened to punch him, saying “that mouth will never open,” the plaintiff says.

Cubin and Kane will have their final pre-trial hearing later this month.