Car drives off Lynn pier, plunges into ocean

Local News

There were two people inside the car when it started rolling toward the ocean, but one was able to get out before the car was submerged, Item Live reported.

A car with one person inside drove off a pier in Lynn and into the ocean Wednesday afternoon.

The Lynn fire and police departments responded to the Blossom Street Pier Ferry Terminal for reports of a vehicle that had driven off the pier, according to Item Live. 

A white Toyota BZ4X, an electric car, with two people inside reportedly began rolling toward the water at approximately 2 p.m. One person escaped the car before it plunged into the ocean, but one was still inside, Item Live reported. 

The two inside were trying to eat lunch but didn’t put the car in park before getting out of it to throw away trash, NBC Boston reported. 

Gerry Cardona, the person who remained in the car, told NBC Boston that he escaped the car through a window after it was in the water. Cardona refused treatment after being assessed and there were no injuries, Lynn fire officials told Item Live. 

Electric cars that come in contact with salt water can burst into flames and be difficult to put out, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. The car was towed from the water by a towing company and the Lynn fire department, Item Live reported.