Dog recovering after 20-foot fall down a well in Kingston, New Hampshire

Local News

Arlo, a 2-year-old German shepherd, is doing well after a stay with the emergency vet.

Plaistow Fire Department

A dog is recovering after falling about 20 feet down a well in Kingston, New Hampshire, Sunday night, crews said.

Kingston Fire and Plaistow Fire Departments both responded around 8 p.m. to rescue a large German shepherd, according to PFD. The lid to the well was displaced by a plow during Sunday’s snowstorm.

After unsuccessful rescue attempts, crews ended up lowering a firefighter into the hole to retrieve the dog. 

Dog owner Cathy Brien-DiNardo told Channel 7 that Arlo, the 2-year-old dog, suffered hypothermia and minor injuries due to his fall. He spent Sunday night at the emergency veterinarian but is now home and doing well.

Brien-DiNardo said the rescue into the narrow hole took about 45 minutes while snow was still falling. Crews said the underground rescues can be dangerous as confined spaces could have poisonous gas.

“Arlo is home and recovering,” Brien-DiNardo commented on Plaistow Fire’s post about the rescue. She shared a picture of Arlo with bandaged back paws and a heated blanket.