Here’s where to order non-alcoholic drinks in Boston


Enjoy a spirit-free night without getting your spirits down.

One of the non-alcoholic drinks offered at Nautilus Pier 4 in the Seaport is the G+G. The Nautilus

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means that for many people, it’s time to commence their resolutions. One that has grown in popularity recently is Dry January, in which people abstain from drinking alcohol for the month. There are varying reasons for participating, from physical and mental health benefits to wanting to explore a sober lifestyle. A recent survey reflected this, finding that 65% of polled readers were participating in Dry January this year.

We’ve rounded up mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks from six bars and restaurants in the Greater Boston area where you can enjoy a spirit-free night without getting your spirits down.

G + G at Nautilus Pier 4

Located right on the Boston waterfront in the Seaport, Nautilus Pier 4 serves elevated mocktails that taste just like the real deal. When it comes to the G + G ($13), everything you need to know is in the name. Guava and grapefruit flavors are mixed with citrus and soda to create a beverage that is both citrus-forward and tropical. Available year-round. 300 Pier 4 Blvd., Boston.

Miami Nice at Yellow Door Taqueria

There’s a non-alcoholic drink for everyone at Yellow Door Taqueria, which has locations in the South End, Dorchester and Mission Hill. The Miami Nice ($9) is a fruity staple on the restaurant’s Dry January menu, which is helping customers “live laugh love” through their New Year’s resolution. Composed of strawberry, coconut, lime, and non-alcoholic spiced pineapple cordial, this mocktail is a thoughtful balance of sweet and kicky. Available year-round. 354 Harrison Ave., Boston; 2297 Dorchester Ave., Boston; 1619 Tremont St., Boston.

Before the season ends and the weather starts to get warmer, visit Alden & Harlow in Cambridge for a Winter Wreath mocktail ($9). Combining many wintry tastes into one beverage, this mocktail is reminiscent of frosty weather and holiday foods. Ingredients and flavors include cranberry, pineapple, rosemary, lemon, and demerara sugar, infusing the drink with the essence of fruity wintertime desserts. Available through the end of January. 40 Brattle St., Cambridge.

This sustainable Charlestown bar, which takes a “farm-to-glass” approach with its cocktails, uses local produce to enhance drinks in a unique way. If you’re looking for a bit of a kick in your drink, Good Company has your fix with their Spicy Margarita ($10). Flavored by a trio of habanero, roasted red pepper, and lime, this red-hot zero-proof beverage is the perfect way to spice up your Dry January. Available year-round. 100 Hood Park Dr., Boston.

Located in Boston’s West End neighborhood, Bulfinch Social, a new brasserie in The Boxer Hotel, is serving a diverse slate of mocktails during Dry January, including the Violet Beauregarde ($12). Aptly named after the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” character that turns into a giant blueberry, the drink contains muddled blueberries, as well as mint leaves, lemon juice, and Sierra Mist. Available year-round. 107 Merrimac St., Boston.

Just steps away from Copley Square in the Back Bay is the OAK Long Bar + Kitchen, which is now serving three new spirit-free beverages for Dry January. One of the drinks, the pineapple spritz ($10) brings together both tropical and Asian flavors. It’s made with coconut seltzer and a pineapple-Szechuan shrub, the pineapple spritz ensures that Dry January doesn’t have to be boring. Available through the end of January. 138 St. James Ave, Boston.